Bakery Tips To Help Your Bakery Rise to The Occasion

Although the baking industry is constantly evolving, many bakery owners don’t understand how to promote their bakery or attract new customers.

If you’re a bakery owner looking for concrete steps on how to boost sales in your bakery and rise to the occasion, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we will provide some essential tips for increasing sales, promotion ideas and ways to reach new customers. 

First, Consider Your Bakery Business Plan

Whether you are just starting or you’ve had your bakery doors open for a while, looking back at your bakery business plan can help remind you of your goals and what objectives you set.

In your business plan, you should have outlined your business aspirations and objectives, a strategy for obtaining those pursuits and a time frame for when they will be achieved. 

Be Active on Social Media and Have a Website 

Getting active on social media and having an online ordering system is a great way to help you build visibility for your baker and keep customers engaged. 

By now most people have heard of food porn and are accustomed to being bombarded with mouth-watering images and videos of food, which means there are ample opportunities for your bakery to jump on board this endless trend. 

As a bakery owner, the sight and smell of your products are one of your greatest selling points and taking advantage of social media is a great way to create awareness about your bakery and baked goods. 

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Having a website that has nutrition information about your products, the ingredients list, and an online ordering option are also another great way to set your bakery apart from the competition. 

Free Samples and Rewards Program

While traditional advertising methods may pay off and bring in new customers, you may need to also implement creative ways to increase sales, such as offering free samples and customer reward programs.

Free samples are a great way to get your customers to try new products and may help you effectively upsell more products. Free samples are also a great way to minimise waste and make use of any products you are unable to sell.  

Rewards programs or loyalty cards are another great way to boost sales and maintain repeat customers. For example, you can entice customers to return to your bakery by offering a free loaf of bread after buying five. The discount and reward you offer will depend on your type of bakery. 

Have A Product of The Moment and Seasonal Products 

People love to try new things and can easily be encouraged to buy a new baked good if it is for a limited time only!

Taking advantage of seasonal products or running a product of the moment is a great way to encourage customers to buy more products and may help attract new customers to your bakery. For example, you can make hot cross buns at Easter, bake sourdough in winter, and sell fruit cake at Christmas. The options are endless. 

When selling baked products to customers, you should always tempt them with something new. Whatever it is, make sure your baked goods stand out and set you apart from the competition.

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