10 Ways of Online Entertainment to Consider in 2022

The entertainment industry is rapidly growing. Films are a lot more popular than ever. Video games have become so popular that barely anyone hasn’t played a game in their life. And we live in what has largely been dubbed “the 2nd Golden Age of Television”.

Thanks to the developments made in computer science and information technology, online entertainment has reached greater strides than ever before. Nowadays, the internet offers so many options for entertainment that it has made pretty much any other media obsolete.

In this article, we will go through a few avenues for online entertainment and talk about the different ways you can keep yourself entertained when surfing the web. Let’s take a look and go through the top 10 ways to entertain yourself online.

Sports Betting

The first thing that comes to mind is placing bets on different sports matches, such as NFL, NBA, etc. You can do this by visiting local or offshore bookies. In reviewing the best offshore sportsbooks, we have found that the best of the best feature some excellent bonuses, thorough coverage, and fantastic bonuses to make your experience a lot better. You can always try out online casinos if you aren’t interested in sports but looking for risks and thrills.


Online casinos have been around for quite a while. However, it is only recently that they’ve gained major traction. In the late 2010s and early 2020s, gambling websites have taken on a whole new life. This is partly thanks to the popularization of cryptocurrency, which has given rise to crypto casinos. These websites offer an excellent service for anyone looking to take a risk, but aren’t necessarily interested in sports.

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From betting and gambling, we move on to gaming. Online multiplayer gaming is so popular that it spawned an entirely new competition genre. e-Sports is the practice of engaging in competitive gaming. Some of the most popular games today, such as League of Legends, Dota, Counter-Strike, etc., are online multiplayer games that enjoy heavy play on e-Sports. And speaking of e-Sports…

Watching Let’s Plays

If you aren’t much of a gamer, you can always enjoy the countless Let’s Plays and e-Sports competitions available online. For those unaware, Let’s Plays refers to a genre of videos in which a player goes through a game and gives commentary. This new genre of online video entertainment has taken on quite a bit of popularity and is hugely enjoyed, especially by younger generations.

Watching Shows

We talked about the golden age of television. With shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, and more recently, House of the Dragon and Rings of Power, television is experiencing a new renaissance. And the best part about this is that all of these shows are available at your fingertips. Thanks to websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, you can watch any of these shows online from the comfort of your home.

Watching Anime

Much like television shows, anime has gained much traction and popularity recently. Shows like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer, and other popular shows have found their appeal to a mainstream audience. This is, in large part, thanks to the aforementioned streaming services.

Watching Films

And finally, these streaming services have also brought us some fantastic new movies that would not have been made otherwise. Better yet, they have brought back old classics that can be now be seen by a whole new audience. All thanks to online entertainment.

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Reading Books

Another great way to spend time is to check out some classics online. Websites like Project Gutenberg feature thousands of free-to-read books dating back from the classical era of human history. If you want to enrich your life, check out some free books and get to reading.

Reading Comic Books

If books aren’t your thing, you might prefer funny books. The comic medium has expanded online. Marvel Comics and DC Comics release apps allowing fans to read the electronic versions of all the most popular heroes.

Learning New Things

Last, but not least, the internet is a huge database for all the knowledge in the world. Just by opening up Wikipedia, you can learn so many new things and find out so much about the world around us. All of this would not have been possible without the internet.

Final Thoughts

Next time you are home alone, with nothing to do, think about some of these numerous different ways that you can spend your time online. Whether you want to watch your comfort shows or dive deep into an old classic, the internet can provide much.

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